Astor Riga Hotel 
Riga, Latvia
7-13 February 2016
Celebrate the 25th ESIM - Winter School in Riga 2016   

European School of Internal Medicine (ESIM) - an educational initiative of the European Federation of Internal Medicine (EFIM) -


07.02.2016 - The Meet&Greet Reception is scheduled on 19:30 in Astor Hotel Riga lobby restaurant (reception desk for badges and meeting materials will be opened from ~18:30-19:00)

ESIM is a postgraduate course designed for internal medicine residents towards the end of their training. Selection of participants has been already done by EFIM member societies (December 2015). No individual applications are accepted! Please, keep in mind that no families or other accompanying persons are allowed during the whole course!

ESIM WS Programme

Preliminary outline -

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