Information for Young Internists Interested to Attend ESIM:

1. Who Can Attend

Young Internists (YIs) who have not previously attended ESIM from EFIM Member Countries who are towards the end of their training in Internal Medicine, should be under the age of 36 years, and with a good understanding of English. All Lectures and Classroom interaction will be in English. Due to aims of the course and specifically designed programme, in order to promote interaction among Young Internists from various European countries, no families or other accompanying persons are allowed during the whole course!

2. How to Apply

Contact the President or Secretary of your National Society of Internal Medicine to express your interest in ESIM and include your up-to-date CV. They will advise you of the application procedure in your country and the level of sponsorship that they will provide.

Go to this page to find the National Society representatives in your Country:

Please, be aware that we are not allowed to process any applications if a member country has not paid the annual membership fee.

3. Sponsorship

National Society Sponsorship levels vary, but usually includes the Registration Fee (995 Euros) and economy rate travel expenses. The registration fee covers the cost of accommodation and meals for a 6 night stay, attendance at the 1 week ESIM course with all educational material and organized social program.

Upon receipt of your completed registration form, ESIM will make your hotel reservation – a 6 night stay arriving Sunday 7 February departing Saturday 13 February.

4. Bursaries

A limited number of bursaries are available for Young Internists from low-income EFIM member countries. This funding, provided by the Foundation for the Development of Internal Medicine in Europe (FDIME), will pay for the Registration Fees. Travel expenses are not automatically included in the bursary award. FDIME may award a separate travel bursary if the YI’s National Society cannot support travel costs. Applicants from low-income countries must first be approved by their National Society, providing a Letter of Support with their Bursary Application Form and CV submitted to ESIM.The Letter of Support must state whether or not the National Society is able to pay Travel expenses for the candidate. All bursary applications will by assessed by the FDIME-ESIM Bursary Selection Committee who will award the sponsorship. Successful candidates will receive a Letter of Acceptance from the FDIME President.

Click here to Download a Bursary Application Form. [DEADLINE FOR BURSARIES EXTENDED TILL 7.11.2015]

For any additional information about bursaries, please contact:
Janet Stevens, ESIM-FDIME Bursary Administrator, email info (at)

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